Give Your Super Fans Super Powers! (Tights Optional)

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Give your superfans
super powers!*
SocialToaster helps you engage
your fans and makes sharing your content
over their social networks easy.
*(Tights Optional)
your audience to generate
social buzz
that translates into
your fans and give your
a social boost

SocialToaster helps you engage your brand’s most loyal followers and recruits new fans. We work with you to easily create a custom fan engagement platform that incorporates all of the major social networks and gamification. Once your fan connects their social media accounts they will start posting your message across their social networks with one click of a button.  Your messages will appear as a trusted word-of-mouth recommendation to their network of peers, and it’s all trackable. Your users can be recognized with points, badges, gift cards or other prizes.  Most importantly, your social media plan and digital marketing will have a larger reach, more influence, and higher visibility using your fans’ networks to get your messaging in front of more audiences.  Check out our How It Works page to learn more.

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